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Beautiful windows so clean you will be able to see your reflection. Streak-free, polished, and shining - we deliver the highest quality.
If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about window washing until it’s time to clean the windows. But window washing is an essential task for keeping your home and business looking their best. That’s why The Cleaning Guy offers window washing services to ensure that your windows stay sparkling clean and free of dirt and grime.

The first reason why you should book a window washing service with The Cleaning Guy is because we use professional-grade equipment and techniques to get the job done right. With advanced pressure washers, we can easily remove stubborn dirt and grime from both interior and exterior windows without damaging them in any way. We also use special cleaning solutions that are safe for both glass surfaces as well as the environment. This means that not only will your windows be squeaky clean after their service but also that no harsh chemicals are used which could potentially harm the environment in any way.

Another great benefit of booking a window washing service from The Cleaning Guy is that it saves time compared to traditional methods of cleaning such as using buckets filled with soapy water or wiping down each pane individually with a cloth or squeegee. Not only does this take up precious time but it is also more likely to leave spots or streaks on your windows than when using professional equipment from The Cleaning Guy, which will make them look even worse than before! Plus, when you book their services you don’t have to worry about going out and buying all the necessary products either; we bring everything needed right along with them when we come out to do the job!

Finally, booking a regular window cleaning service with The Cleaning Guy can help prevent long-term damage caused by build up of dust and debris on your windows over time. This build up can cause discoloration of frames or glass panes if left unattended for too long - something which can be very costly if it becomes necessary to replace these components due to neglect! By scheduling regular appointments every few months (or however often suits your needs best) you won’t have to worry about this happening anytime soon - meaning less money spent overall in maintenance costs over time!

So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment today with The Cleaning Guy for top-notch professional window washing services at competitive prices! No matter what type of property you own - residential or commercial - let them take care of all your needs so that all those pesky dirt stains disappear quickly without leaving behind any mess afterwards!


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  • out of 5 stars

    Brian did such a great job! He is very knowledgeable and took excellent care of my house. I learned a lot about “soft washing” and how different it is from standard power washing. Brian was professional and friendly. My house looks brand new- the colors look absolutely fresh and crisp. I would highly recommend!! Thanks, Brian

    Angela Im Dorchester County, SC
  • out of 5 stars

    Very very happy with the job and the price, put in a request on the website literally got a response within two hours! And was here the following Monday. Definitely going to sign up for semi annual or annual services for the exterior windows and vinyl siding cleaning, it is like night and day the job Brian did!

    Jill Spalliero Dorchester County, SC
  • out of 5 stars

    middle of March Brian came out to wash decks, cedar, and gutters, about 2/3 the way done he had machine problems. like an idiot I paid him up front for the entire job as he talked a GREAT story and sounded very honest, we even agreed to ha e him do much one work on an agreed price. well he never showed back up and returned 1 phone call saying he would be back and THAT was in April of 2021. it is people like Brian that ruin faith in people.

    Steve Thompson Dorchester County, SC

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